How to choose papers in CFAP & MSAs

Choosing a right combination of papers at CFAP level is certainly very crucial for all students. As the market is becoming more and more competitive, students must focus on their qualification to be completed within the stipulated time of articles to have better chances of getting hired especially students from SMP are in dire need of qualification.

On average a student usually have a maximum of 5 attempts available to him/her during articles. With the introduction of two new MSAs, the students must try to select a combination which unlocks respective MSAs. Historically, we have witnessed very few post-articles qualifications as it becomes more and more difficult for a student to focus on his/her studies during job.

I would encourage students to take at least four papers for their first attempt, which comes after one and a half years of articles and preferably with the paper unlocking both MSAs. Addition to that, student must try to take revision classes of major papers to enhance their chances to succeed.

Students must prepare a regular study schedule and stick to it. Students must prefer to do combine studies rather studying alone so that they would be able to discuss concepts and issues with each other making a two-way learning process ending in strong grasp of the subject. Students should also use reference books in addition to notes for self-study.

Students should also focus on learning exam approach from their respective teachers and qualified seniors to manage time and stress during the exam.

I hope these suggestions would help you to succeed in your exams. Best of luck!


Bilal Khalid Khan, FCA

Founder & Principal KSDL