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Welcome to the Khan School of Distance Learning.  The School offers Live Interactive Online classes of CA qualification using Gotomeeting platform.

Work stress, frequent job relocation, late sitting and travelling are the challenges usually faced by every CA student during their required training period. The School fully understands these challenges and importance of live and interactive sessions with students to ensure effective learning. The School offers evening classes from 7 pm to onwards to ensure active participation from all students from anywhere they want. The flexibility and access to quality education offered by the School helps to succeed in their CA final exams.

The Competitive edge of the School is the most experienced and pioneer instructor in the field of online CA education with proven track record. A Merit Certificate of CFAP 01 - AAFR was awarded to his online student Izz Ghanaa Ansari in winter 2016.

The Instructor Mr. Bilal Khalid Khan is

  • a Fellow member of ICAP
  • a member of task force working under Education and Training Committee of ICAP
  • a member of NRC-Islamabad
  • co-founder of Pakistan's first ever school of distance learning for online CA education
  • Ex-vice principal of PAC - School of distance learning

He has taught hundreds of CA final students in his regular and online classes. He is famous among his students for his unique and lively methods of teaching supported by his brief and precise notes.

Izz Ghanaa Ansari AAFR


Advanced accounting and financial reporting is the first paper of CFAP Level. The paper has a history of lowest passing ratio and considered the most tough one among CA students. The subject demands in-depth knowledge of IFRSs and extensive practice. The time required to achieve a level of confidence is immense.


Business finance decisions is the fourth paper of CFAP Level. The paper tests financial and cost management at an advance level. The subject has limited concepts but the scenarios applicable to these concepts are numerous making it difficult to grasp. The subject requires strong command on concepts followed by practice of maximum possible scenarios.

MSA 01 & MSA 02

Requirement for MSA 01 - Passing of CFAP 01 - AAFR and CFAP 06 - Audit.

Requirement for MSA 02 - Passing of  CFAP 04 - BFD and CFAP 03 - BM.

Both MSAs require application of concepts of multiple subjects studied at CFAP Level to real life practical scenarios.


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